Certified Professionals

These days, finding a quality IT services provider can be a challenge.  This is where Crosswinds comes in.  We partner only with top-rated providers and vendors, allowing us to create the right solution the first time.  Our professionals hold industry-standard certifications in their respective specialties, and are masters of customer service. 

Connectivity Solutions for Any Situation

Do you need to connect multiple offices, or create a VPN from home or on the road?  We've got easy, secure solutions that will make sure you're always connected no matter where you are.  Crosswinds will creatre a redundant, high-availability design ensuring that you will never need to worry about downtime!

Security That Is Second To None

Using advanced, protected content distribution systems, and state of the art firewall and IPS (intrusion prevention system) protection, Crosswinds will keep you well guarded against denial of service (DoS), SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other malicious attacks.  Keep all your systems up-to-date with automated security patching and centralized management.

About Us

Crosswinds, LLC is a premier collective of networking, information technology, security, and systems implementation professionals serving greater New England from Boston, MA, through Cape Cod, MA, and Providence, RI.  From consultation and design to implementation and support, our team strives to tailor our custom networking, information systems, and security solutions to fit your needs and your budget.  Our team of professionals have industry-standard certifications from organizations including Cisco, Microsoft, SANS, CompTIA, and Sourcefire.  In addition, we have partnered with major hardware and software vendors to design top-tier solutions and provide enterprise-level support.

What Sets Us Apart

We are dedicated to designing and implementing environmentally-friendly and cost effective infrastructures.  We aim to reduce your organization's IT carbon footprint while creating and maintaining a high-availability, high-throughput solution.  How do we do this?  We’re glad you asked!



  • Cool & Quiet Technology: 
    Utilizing hardware with ULV (ultra-low voltage) processors that reduce power consumption and heat output enables Crosswinds to provide solutions that are efficient and highly effective
  • Consolidation Through Virtualization: 
    Why have three servers when you really only need one?  By utilizing virtualization technologies from VMware and Citrix, The Crosswinds Group is able to run multiple servers on a single hardware platform, reducing your power & space requirements.
  • Reuse & Recycle Program: 
    Crosswinds has partnered with multiple distributors of recertified and refurbished gear, which allows us to not only recycle, but also supply our small business clientele with enterprise-grade hardware at deeply discounted rates.